of Kukas)
                 Muslim Socio-Religious Movements
  Movement      Year     Place         Founder         Aims and
  /Institution   (s)                                  Significance
Dar-ul-Ulum    1866    Deoband Maulana           Its aims were to
                                    Husain       resuscitate
                                    Ahmad and    classical Islam and
                                    others       to improve the
                                                 spiritual and moral
                                                 conditions of the
                                                 Muslims. The
                                                 interpretation of
                                                 Islam by its
                                                 founders created
                                                 awakening among
                                                 its followers. Some
                                                 of them, like
                                                 Maulana Abul
                                                 Kalam Azad,
                                                 played an imprtant
                                                 role in the national
Nadwah-ul-     1894    Lucknow Maulana           Its aims were to
Ulama                               Shibli       recast Muslim
                                    Numani and   educational to
                                    others       develop religious
                                                 sciences, to reform
                                                 Muslim morals
                                                 and put an end to
                                                 the logical