and work.
                                                 service during
                                                 natural calamities,
                                                 and to promote
                                                 sanitation, physical
                                                 culture etc.
Seva Samiti    1914  Bombay       Shri Ram       Its aim was to bring
Boy Scouts’                       Bajpai         about the complete
Association                                      Indianisation of the
                                                 Boy Scout
                                                 Movement in India.
Women’s        1923  Madras       Not available  Its aim was to
Indian                                           promote the welfare
Association                                      of Indian women
                                                 (from 1926 All
                                                 India Women’s
                                                 Conference began
                                                 to hold annual
Rahnumai       1851  Bombay       Naoroji        Its aims were to
Mazdayasnan                       Furdunji,      reform the
Sabha                             Dadabhai       Zoroastrian
(Religious                        Naoroji, SS    religion, to
reform                            Bengalee and   modernise the Parsi
organisation                      others         women (Avesta—
of the Parsis)                                   Sacred book of the
                                                 Parsis, Ahura
                                                 Mazda—their god,
                                                 of their religion).
Nirankaris     1840s Punjab       Dayal Das,     Purification of
                                  Darbara        Sikhism
                                  Singh, Rattan
                                  Chand, etc. in