the education of the
                                               the service of the
Indian        1887 Bombay       M G Ranade Its aim was to
National                                       remove the social
Social                                         evils prevalent in
Conference                                     the Indian society
                                               and to promote the
                                               welfare of women.
Dava Samaj    1887 Lahore       Shivanarayan Its aim was same as
                                Agnihotri      that of the Brahmo
                                               Samaj; but unlike
                                               the Brahmos, its
                                               worshipped their
Ramakrishna   1897 Belur        Swami          Its main aim was to
Mission                         Vivekananda carry on
                                               humanitarian relief
                                               and social work.
Servants of   1905 Bombay       Gopalakrishna Its aim was to train
India Society                   Gokhale        Indians in different
                                               fields for the
                                               service of their
Poona Seva    1909 Poona        Mrs Ramabai Its aim was to
Sadan                           Ranade and     promote the welfare
                                Mr G K         of women.
Social        1911 Bombay       N M Joshi      Its aim was to
Service                                        secure for the
League                                         masses better and
                                               conditions of life