was reformation of
Arya Samaj   1875 Bombay       Swami          Its main aims were
                               Dayanand       reform of Hinduism
                               Saraswati      and prevention of
                                              the conversion of
                                              Hindus to other
Theosophical 1875 New          Madame H P They came to India
Society           York         Balvatsky and (1879) and
                  (USA)        Col. H S       established their
                               Olcott         headquarters at
                                              Adyar, near Madras
                                              (1882). Its main
                                              aims were
                                              promotion of
                                              ancient religions
                                              and philosophies,
                                              formation of
                                              brotherhood of
                                              man, etc.
Sadharan     1878 Calcutta     Ananda         As the result of a
Brahmo                         Mohan Bose, second schism
Samaj                          Shivanatha     among the
                               Shastri, etc.  Brahmos, a group
                                              of young followers
                                              of K. C. Sen left
                                              him over the
                                              question of
                                              management of the
                                              Samaj and social
Deccan       1884 Poona        GG Agarkar     Its aim to remodel