(b) ii, iii, v, i and iv
(c) iii, v, i, ii and iv
(d) i, v, iii, ii and iv
Arrange the following events of Warren Hastings’ period in the chronological
(i) Begums of Oudh Affair
(ii) Nand Kumar Episode
(iii) Chait Singh Affair
(iv) Rohilla War
(v) Foundation of the Asiatic Society of Bengal
Select the answer from the codes given below:
(a) iv, ii, iii, i and v
(b) ii, i, iii, v and iv
(c) iii, ii, v, iv and i
(d) v, ii, iv, i and iii
What is the historical order of the following social and humanitarian events
of the British period?
(i) Prohibition of human sacrifice
(ii) Prohibition of sati
(iii) Prohibition of female infanticide
(iv) Passage of Native Marriage Act
(v) Passage of Widow Remarriage Act
Choose the answer from the codes given below:
(a) ii, iv, i, iii and v
(b) iii, i, ii, iv and v
(c) i, ii, iii, v and iv
(d) ii, iii, i, v and iv
What is the chronological order of the following developments in the field of
education in India?
(i) Establishment of the first three Universities in India.
(ii) Establishment of the Indian Education Service,
(iii) Establishment of provincial education departments.
(iv) Sadler Commission.
(v) Hunter Commission.
(vi) Raleigh Commission.