not belong to the so-called ‘Indian School’
(a) Thomas Munro
(b) Elphinstone
(c) Cornwallis
(d) John Lawrence
Who is generally acknowledged as the pioneer of local self-government in
modern India?
(a) Ripon
(b) Mayo
(c) Lytton
(d) Curzon
When did the practice of holding ICS examinations simultaneously in
England as well as in India begin?
(a) 1912
(b) 1922
(c) 1932
(d) 1935
During which period did India properly witness the process of
‘deindustrialisation’ due to British economic policies?
(a) 1600–1757
(b) 1757–1813
(c) 1813–1860
(d) 1860–1947
Warren Hastings’ experiment of auctioning the right to collect revenue to the
highest bidder is almost similar to
(a) Poligar system of Vijayanagara Empire
(b) Iqta system of Delhi Sultans
(c) Jagir system of the Mughals
(d) Ijara system of the Mughals
The British continued with the ‘Downward Filtration Theory’ till 1854 to
justify one of their colonial policies in India. Pick it our from the following:
(a) Social policy
(b) Commercial policy
(c) Industrial policy
(d) Educational policy