network in British India was established
Improvement and construction of roads.
Introduction of railways.
Introduction of modern postal system and the telegraph.
                          Population from 1872-1941
Who among the following governor-generals created the Covenanted Civil
Service of India, which came to be known as the Indian Civil Service from
1861 onwards?
(a) William Bentinck
(b) Wellesley
(c) Cornwallis
(d) Warren Hastings
Laissez Faire policy of the British in India aimed at
(a) Establishing monopoly of the East India Company over Indian trade.
(b) Removing all restrictions on the export of Indian handicrafts and cottage
goods to England.
(c) Exporting British capital to India in order to start modern industries here.
(d) Removing all restrictions on the export of Indian raw materials to
England and on the import of British manufactured goods into India.
Who was responsible for the establishment of the College of Fort William at
Calcutta to train young civil servants of India?
(a) Wellesley
(b) Dalhousie