was undergoing continual change in the upward direction.
                              Dadabhai Naoroji
Battle of Two Philosophies
English or Bengal School
Ideals and Objectives of Cornwallis The Permanent Settlement of Bengal
(1793) was an honest attempt to employ the English Whig philosophy of
government. It was based on the Whig conviction that political power is
essentially corrupting and inevitably abused; that power, to be exercised with
safety, must be reduced to a minimum, and even then, kept divided and
Cornwallis sought to minimise the work of government to the bare task of
ensuring the security of person and property. He felt this could be done by
permanently limiting the State revenue demand on the land; for he was
convinced that the executive wing was bound to abuse its power so long as
the State demand was variable from year to year.
The permanent limitation of the revenue demand, and the curbing of
executive power which it made possible, were not, however, the most
decisive features of the Permanent Settlement. This was rather, the