—             —
             State & Indian
 Council     —               Imperial              Provincial     —
 Act of                      Legislative           Legislative
 1861                        Council;              Councils.
 Councils    —               Indirect              Indirect       —
 Act of                      elections by          elections by
 1892                        provincial            Local bodies.
 Act of      —               Direct                Enlargement
 1909 or                     elections and         of Legislative
 Morley-                     communal              Councils.
 Minto                       electorates.
 Act of      Secretary of    Bicameralism          Dyarchy and    —
 1919 or     State to be     & Delegation          division of
 Mont-ford   paid by         of some               subjects into
 Reforms     British High    powers                ‘Reserved’
             Commissioner    through               and
             of India.       Devolution            ‘Transferred’
                             Rues.                 Subjects.
 Govt of     —               Constitutional        Introduction   Discretionary
 India Act                   division of           of responsible Powers of GG
 of 1935                     powers;               government;    and governors.
                             Establishment         bicameralism
                             of Federal            in 6
                             Court.                provincers.
Pitt’s India Act 1784
Establishment of a Board of Control, consisting of 6 members (called
Commissioners), to supervise and control the Government of India.