General of Fort William).
The power of the Governor General-in-Council to supervise and control the
Bombay and Madras Presidencies in matters of peace and war.
Establishment of a Supreme Court at Calcutta, with a Chief Justice (first
Chief Justice-Impey) and three judges to administer justice (both civil and
criminal) over all British subjects of Bengal Presidency.
Prohibition of receiving all presents and bribes by the servants of the
                         Constitutional Developments
 Name of      Home              Central               Provincial    Miscellaneous
 the Act      Government        Government            Government
 Regulating   Changes in        Governor              GG to         Ban of
 Act of       Court of          General &             supervise     presents
 1773         Directors.        Supreme               Bombay and
                                Court at              Madras
 Pitta"s Act  Board of          GG made               Subordination —
 of 1784      Control to        more                  of Bombay
              supervise         powerful.             and Madras
              Court.                                  to GG
 Charter      End of            Budget for            —             —
 Act of       company"s         education &
 1813         monopoly          permission to
 Charter      Completion of Renaming                  GG-in-        —
 Act of       rfree trade.      GG as GG of           council to
 1833                           India; Law            make laws for
                                Member.               all British
 Charter      Open              6 additional          —             —
 Act of       competitive       members in
 1853         exam.             GG"s council.
 Govt of      Crown rule        Making     GG