Lord Ellenborough (1842–44)
Termination of the first Afghan war (1842).
Conquest and annexation of Sind (1843).
War with Gwalior ( 1843).
Lord Hardinge I (1844–48)
First Sikh war (1845–46) and treaty of Lahore (1846).
Prohibition of female infanticide and suppression of the practice of human
sacrifice among the Gonds of central India.
Lord Dalhousie (1848–56)
Second Sikh war (1848–49) and annexation of the Punjab.
Second Burmese war (1852) and annexation of Lower Burma.
Charter Act of 1853.
Application of the Doctrine of Lapse and annexation of Satara (1848),
Sambalpur (1849), Jhansi (1853), Nagpur (1854), etc.
Annexation of Oudh (1856).
Wood’s (President of the Board of Control) Education Despatch of 1854 and
British assumption of the responsibility of educating the masses.
Introduction of the Railways (First train—Bombay to Thana), Telegraph
(First line—Calcutta to Agra) and the Postal System in 1853.
Widow Remarriage Act (1856).
Establishment of a separate Public Works Department in every province.
Santhal uprising (1855-56).
Lord Canning (1856–57)
Establishment of three universities (at Calcutta, Madras and Bombay) in
Revolt of 1857.
Viceroys (1858–62)