Vellore Mutiny (1806).
Lord Hastings (1813–23)
War with Nepal or the Gorkha War (1814–16); due to his success in this war,
he was made Marquis of Hastings (1816).
Third Maratha War (1817–18)—abolition of Peshwaship and annexation of
all his territories, and creation of the Bombay Presidency (1818).
Pindari War (1817–18).
Introduction of the ryotwari settlement in Madras Presidency by governor,
Thomas Munro (1820).
Lord Amherst (1823–28)
First Burmese War (1824-26).
Capture of Bharatpur (1826).
Lord William Bentinck (1823–35)
Prohibition of sati (1829).
Suppression of thuggee ( 1829–35).
Charter Act of 1833.
Macaulay’s Minutes and introduction of English as the medium of instruction
Visit of Rammohan Roy to England (1830) and his death there (1833).
Deposition of the Raja of Mysore and annexation of his territories (1831).
Annexation of Cachar and Jaintia (1832).
Annexation of Coorg (1834).
Formation of the Agra Province ( 1834).
Abolition of the Provincial Courts of Appeal and Circuit, and appointment of
Commissioners instead.
Lord Auckland (1835–42)
Before Auckland, Sir Metcafe who was in charge of administration for a
short while freed the Indian press of restrictions (1835).
First Afghan War (1836–42)—disaster of the British in the war and recall of