except NWFP while the Congress captured the majority of
           the general seats in all provinces and at the Centre
1946       Revolt of the RIN (18 Feb.), Cabinet Mission in India,
           Direct Action Day (16 Aug.) observed by the Muslim
           League with bloody communal riots in Calcutta,
           communal riots in Dacca (20 Aug.), formation of the
           Interim Govt. (2 Sept.), communal riots in Noakhali and
           Tipperah (14 Oct.), communal riots in Bihar (25 Oct.),
           Muslim League joined the Interim Govt. (26 Oct.), first
           session of the Constituent Assembly (9 Dec.)
1947       Mountbatten"s announcement of the grant of independence
           on the basis of the partition of India into India and
           Pakistan (3 June), Independence of India Act (15 Aug.)
August     India obtains Independence from the British; Jawaharlal
15, 1947   Nehru becomes the first Indian Prime Minister
October    Maharaja of Kashmir accedes to Indian Sovereignty
November   John Mathai presents the First Railway Budget
January    Reserve Bank of India nationalised
January    Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi in New Delhi
30, 1948
September  Troops of Government of India enter Hyderabad state
November   B. R. Ambedkar presents first Draft Constitution to
1948       Constituent Assembly
January 1, United Nations monitored cease fire takes effect in
1949       Kashmir
September  Rupee devalued by approximately 31 percent
November   New Constitution of India adopted and signed
26, 1949