severe repression, Communal Award (Aug.), Gandhiji"s
     fast, Poona Pact, foundation of the Indian Military
     Academy at Dehra Dun
1933 White Paper on proposed reforms published, Joint Select
1934 Civil Disobedience Movement called off, Bihar
     earthquake, Factories Act, Royal Indian Navy created
1935 Government of India Act
1936 Death of King Emperor George V, accession and
     abdication of Edward VIII, accession of George VI, Lord
     Linlithgow, Viceroy (1936)
1937 Provincial autonomy inaugurated (I April), Interim
     Ministries, Viceregal state-ment (June), formation of
     Congress Ministries in six provinces (July), Federal Court
1939 Second World War (3 September), Viceroy consulted
     Indian leaders, Congress demand an immediate definition
     of war aims. Viceroy"s announcement (17 Oct.) of
     Dominion Status to be the goal of constitutional
     development after the war, resignation of the Provincial
     Congress Ministries
1940 Muslim League declares for Pakistan
1941 Subhas Bose jumped home internment and went over land
     to Germany
1942 British capitulation in Burma and evacuation leaving
     90,000 Indian soldiers behind, Japan bombarded Vizag
     (April), Cripps Mission, "Quit India" Movement started
     disturbances and repression, Bengal famine, imprisonment
     of Congress leaders
1943 The Bengal famine, Lord Wavell, governor general (1943-
1944 Japanese invasion of Assam, INA, repulse of the Japanese
     and of the INA near   Kohima in Manipur