1899 Lord Curzon Viceroy (1899-1905)
1900 Famine, Land Alienation Act
1901 Death of Queen Victoria and accession of King Edward
     VII. North West Frontier Province created
1903 Tibetan expedition (1903-04)
1904 Indian Universities Act, Co-operative Society Act
1905 Partition of Bengal, Lord Mito II Viceroy (1905-10),
     Morely Secretary of State for India, Swadeshi and boycott
1906 Foundation of the Muslim League, Calcutta Congress,
     President Dadabhai Naoroji declated Swaraj " as the goal
     of the Congress
1907 Anglo-Russian Convention, Congress split at Surat
1908 Newspapers Act
1909 Indian Councils Act (Morley-Minto Reforms), terrorists"
     activities, first Indian (S.P. Sinha) appointed to the
     Viceroy"s Executive Council
1910 Lord Hardinge Viceroy (1910-16)
1911 King George V and his Queen visited India, Delhi Durbar,
     Partition of Bengal modified, transfer of capital from
     Calcutta to Delhi announced
1912 Removal of Imperial capital from Calcutta to Delhi,
     constitution of a separate province of Bihar and Orissa,
     Lord Hardinge wounded by a bomb in Delhi
1913 Nobel Prize for Rabindranath Tagore
1914 The First World War, Declaration of War(4 Agu.), landing
     of Indian troops in France (26 Sept.)
1915 Defence of India Act
1916 Lord Chelmsford Viceroy (1916-21), Sadpler
     Commission, the Lucknow Pact between the Congress and
     the League, foundation of the Home Rule Leagues,
     foundation of the Women"s University at Poona
1917 Pronouncement