1872 Murder of Lord Mayo, Lord Northbrook appointed
     viceroy (1872-76)
1873 Famine in Bihar (1873-74)
1875 Deposition of Malhar Rao Gaekwad, visit of Edward,
     Prince of Wales
1876 Retirement of Lord Northbrook, Lord Lytton I became
     viceroy (1876-80), the Royal Titles Act, occupation of
     Quetta, outbreak of famine in the Deccan
1877 Delhi Durbar (1 Jan.), Queen Victoria proclaimed empress
     of India
1878 Vernacular Press Act, Second Afghan War (1878-80)
1880 Resignation of Lord Lytton I, Lord Ripon viceroy (1880-
1881 Rendition of Mysore, first Factory Act, first general
1882 Repeal of Vernacular Press Act, Hunter Commission
1883 Beginning of legislation establishing local self-
     government in India, the Ilbert Bill
1884 Resignation of Lord Ripon, Lord Dufferin viceroy
1885 Third Burmese War, First meeting of the Indian National
     Congress, Bengal Local Self-Government Act
1886 Annexation of Upper Burma, restoration of Gwalior fort
1887 Queen Victoria"s Jubilee
1888 Resignation of Lord Dufferin and Lord Lansdowne
     became viceroy (1888-94)
1890 Second visit of Edward, Prince of Wales
1891 Second Factory Act, Age of Consent Act, Manipur
1892 Indian Councils Act
1893 Durand"s Mission to Kabul, Vivekanada in U.S.A.
1894 Lord Elgin II Viceroy (1894-99)