Press restrictions
1836    Appointment of Lord Auckland as governor general
1837-38 Famine in North India
1838    Tripartite treaty of the English with Shah Shuja and Ranj it
1839    New treaty forced on the Amirs of Sind; death of Ranjit
        Singh, First Afghan War (1839-42), Capture of Ghazni
        and occupation of Kabul
1840    Risings of Afghan tribes, deposition of Dost Muhammad
1841    Murder of Burnes and Macnaghten by the Afghans
1842    British disaster in Afghanistan, retirement to Jalalabad of
        Dr. Brydon alone, Lord Ellenborough became governor
        general (1842-44), relief of Jalalabad, reoccupation of
        Kabul, restoration of Dost Muhammad, British evacuation
        of Afghanistan
1843    War with the Amirs of Sind, battles of Miani and Dabo,
        annexation of Sind, battle of Maharajpur, suppression of
1844    Recall of Lord Ellenborough, Lord Hardinge became
        governor general (1844-48)
1845    The First Sikh War (1845-46), battles of Mudki and
1846    Battles of Aliwal and Sobraon, Treaty of Lahore
1848    Lord Dalhousie became governor general (1848-56),
        revolt of Mulraj, the Second Sikh War (1848-49),
        enunciation of the Doctrine of Lapse and annexation of
1849    Battles of Chillianwalla and Gujarat, annexation of the
        Punjab, Bethune School for girls started in Calcutta,
        annexation of Jaitpur and Sambalpur
1850    Penal annexation of a part of Sikkim