with Nepal (1814-16)
        Kirkee and Sitabaldi, deposition of Appa Shaheb Bhonsle,
        battle of Mahidpur, treaty with the Holkar
1818    Battle of Ashti, defence of Koregaon, surrender of Peshwa
        Baji Rao II
1819    Capitulation of Asirgarh, abolition of the Peshwaship and
        retirement of Baji Rao II to Bithur as a British pensioner,
        protective alliances with the states of Rajputana,
1820    Appointment of Sir Thomas Munro as governor of Madras
1823    Departure of Lord Hastings, Mr. Adams acting governor
        general, Lord Amherst governor general
1824    The first Burmese War (1824-26), Barrackpore Mutiny
1826    Fa1J of Bharatpur, treaty of Yandabo, annexation of
        Assam, Arakan and Tennasserim
1827    The Enterprise, a man-of-war propelled by steam, layoff
1828    Lord William Bentinck appointed governor general (1828-
1829-37 Suppression of Thuggee
1830    Annexation of Cachar. Raja Ramohan Roy visited
1831    Deposition of the Raa Mysore and assumption of its
        administration by the English, journey of Burnes up the
        Indus, meeting at Rupar between Ranjit Singh and Lord
        William Bentinck
1832    Annexation of Jaintia
1833    Renewal of the Company"s Charter, various reforms
1834    Annexation of Coorg, institution of law member in
        Supreme Council with Lord Macaulay as the first
1835    Foundation of Calcutta Medical College, Education