1795 The battle of Kharda of Khardla, death of Ahalya Bai
1796 Death of Peshwa Madhav Rao Narayan, Baji Rao II
1797 Zaman Shah in the Punjab, death of Nawab Asaf-ud-daula
     Of Oudh
1798 Lord Wellesley governor general; acceptance of
     Subsidiary Alliance by the Nizam
1799 Fourth Mysore War, death of Tipu, fall of Seringapatnam,
     partItIOn of Mysore, installation of the Hindu Raja"s
     family in Mysore, Ranjit Singh appointed goyernor of
     Lahore by Zaman Shah, Malcolm led English mission to
     Persia, opening of the Baptist Mission at Serampore by
     William Carey
1800 Death of Nan a Phadnis
1801 Carnatic annexed to the British empire
1802 The battle of Poona, Treaty of Bassein
1803 The Second Maratha War (1803-5), capture of Aligarh,
     Battles of Delhi, Assaye, Laswari and Argaon, treaty of
     Deogaon and cession of Cuttack, treaty of Surji Arjungaon
1804 War with the Holkar, defeat of Monson, battle of Deeg
1805 Failure of the English siege of Bharatpur, recall of Lord
     Wellesley, second term of Lord Cornwallis as governor
     general, death of Lord Cornwallis, Sir George Barlow
     governor general, treaty with the Holkar
1806 Vellore Mutiny
1807 Lord Minto I appointed governor general (1807-13)
1808 English Missions under Malcolm to Persia and under
     Elphinstone to Kabul
1809 Treaty of Arnritsar between the English and Ranjit Singh
1813 Company"s Charter renewed, retirement of Lord Minto I,
     appointment of Lord Hastings as governor general (1813-
1814 Outbreak of War