1766-69 First Mysore War
1767    Departure of Clive, Verelest, governor in Bengal
1769    The Great Bengal Famine
1772    Warren Hastings appointed governor of Bengal, death of
        Peshwa Madhava Rao, accession and murder of Peshwa
        Narayan Rao
1773    Enactment of the Regulating Act, Peshwaship of
        Raghunath Rao or Raghoba
1774    Accession of Narayan Rao as peshwa, the Rohilla War,
        Warren Hastings installed as governor general,
        establishment of Supreme Court in Calcutta
1775    Trial and execution of Nanda Kumar, commencement of
        the First Maratha War which continued till 1782
1776    Treaty of Purandhar
1779    Convention of Wadgaon
1780    Gwalior captured by General Popham, Second Mysore
        War (1780-84)
1781    Deposition of Chait Singh, Amendment of the Regulating
1782    Affair of the Begums of Oudh, the treaty of Salbai, death
        of Haider Ali
1783    Fox"s India Bill
1784    Treaty of Mangalore closed the Second Mysore War, Pitt"s
        India Act
1785    Warren Hastings resigned governor generalship
1786    Lord Cornwallis appointed governor general
1790    Commencement of the Thitd Mysore War (1790-92)
1792    Treaty of Seringapatnam ended the Thin! Mysore War,
        Ranjit Singh became the leader of a Sikh miss
1793    Permanent Settlement of ladn revenue in Bengal, renewal
        of the Company"s Charter, retirement of Lord Cornwallis,
        Sir John Shore—governor       general