1750    Defeat and death of Nizam Nasir Jang, Muzaffar Jung
        became Nizam
1751    Capture and defence of Arcot by Robert Clive, death of
        Muzaffar Jang, accession of Sa lab at Jang as Nizam,
        conclusion of treaty by Nawab Alivardi Khan with the
        Marathas by surrendering Cuttack
1754    Recall of Dupleix, Godehu"s appointment as governor and
        his treaty with the Em!lish. accession of Alamgir II
1756    Death of Alivardi Khan (21 April), accession of Siraj-ud-
        daula who captured Calcutta (20 June)
1757    Recovery of Calcutta by the English (2 Jan.), Delhi and
        Mathura sacked by Ahmad Shah Abdali(Jan.), treaty of
        Alinagar between Siraj and the Engliosh (9 Feb.), capture
        of Chandernagore by the English (March), battle of
        Plassey (23 June), Mir Jafar installed as Nawab (28 June),
        capture and execution of Siraj-ud-daula (2 July)
1748-63 Third Carnatic War
1758    Arrival of Lally in India, occupation of the Panjab by the
        Marathas, Masulipatnam captured by Forde
1759    Battle of Bedara, Prince Ali Gauhar"s futile invasion of
        Bihar, Emperor Alamgir II murdered by Ghazi-uddin
1760    Battle of Wandiwash, battle of Udgir, installation of Mir
        Qasim as Nawab of Bengal, Vansittart appointed governor
        in Bengal
1761    Third battle of Panipat (14 January), surrender of
        Pondicherry to the English, accession of Ali Gauhar as
        Emperor Shah Alam II, appointment of Shujauddaula as
        wazir, Haider Ali king of Mysore
1763    Mir Qasim driven out of Bengal and Bihar
1764    Battle of Buxar
1765    Death of Mir Jafar, second governorship of Clive in
        Bengal, treaty of Allahabad, grant of the diwani of Bengal,