1707    Battle of Jajau, accession of Bahadur Shah I
1708    Death of Guru Gobind Singh
1712    Death of Bahadur Shah I, accession of Jahandar Shah
1713    Accession of Farukh Siyar, murder of Jahandar Shah
1714    Hussain Ali becomes viceroy of the Deccan, Treaty
        between Hussain Ali and the Marathas
1716    Execution of Banda Bahadur, Surman Embassy to the
        Imperial Court
1717    Emperor Farukh Siyar"s firman to East India Co.
        Appointment of Murshid Quli Khan as governor of Bengal
1719    Farukh Siyllr put to death, accession and deposition of
        puppet emperors, accession of Muhammad Shah
1720    Fall of the Sayyid brothers
1724    Appointment of Sa adat Khan as governor of Oudh, virtual
        independence of the Nizam in the Deccan, appointment of
        Qamaruddin as wazir
1739    Nadir Shah took Delhi and sacked it, death of Shuja-ud-
        din and appointment of his son, Sarfaraz, as governor of
        Bengal, capture of Bassein and Salsette by the Marathas
1740    Alivardi Khan defeated and killed Sarfaraz Khan and
        became Nawab of Bengal
1742    Marathas invaded Bengal, appointment of Dupleix as
        Governor of Pondicherry
1744-48 First Carnatic (Anglo-French)
1745    War Rohillas in occupation of Rohilkhand
1746    Capture of Madras by La Bourdonnais
1747    Invasion by Ahmad Shah Abdali
1748    Death of Nizam Chinquilich Khan, death of Emperor
        Muhammad Shah,       accession of Ahmad Shah