of their guerrilla tactics of warfare in this
chiefs, but still lost to the Afghans.
(iv) Several Maratha leaders, including Sadasiv Rao Bhau and Viswas Rao,
were killed in the battle.
Select the answer from the codes below:
(a) i and iii only
(b) ivonly
(c) i, ii and iv
(d) i only
Consider List I and List II:
      List I                                            List II
      (Marathas)                                        (Sivaji’s relation)
      (i) Lakhji Jhadav Rao                             Father
      (ii) Maloji Bhonsle                               Maternal uncle
      (iii) Shahji Bhonsle                              Grandfather
      (iv) Jija Bai                                     Mother
      (v) Tarabai                                       Daughter-in-law
Which of the above are correctly matched? Select the answer from the codes
given below:
(a) i and ii
(b) iii and iv
(c) iv and v
(d) ii and v
Match List I and List II and select the answer using the codes given below:
      List I             List II
      (i) Majumdar (A) In-charge of royal correspondence
      (ii) Waqenavis (B) In-charge of intelligence, posts and household affairs
      (iii) Chitnis      (C) In-charge of ceremonies
      (iv) Dabir         (D) Initially accountant general, later finance minister
      (v) Pandit Rao (E) In-charge of ecclesiastical affairs and charities
(a) i-D, ii-B, iii-A, iv-C, v-E
(b) i-B, ii-A, iii-C, iv-E, v-D
(c) i-C, ii-E, iii-D, iv-A, v-B