(d) 1665—Raja Jai Singh
Who was Dadaji Kondadeo?
(a) Sivaji’s guardian
(b) Sivaji’s maternal uncle
(c) Sivaji’s father
(d) Sivaji’s father-in-law
Maratha expertise in the guerrilla tactics of warfare was one of the crucial
factors responsible for their rise and emergence as a strong power in the
Deccan. From whom did they probably learn these tactics?
(a) Mahmud Gawan of the Bahmani sultanate
(b) Malik Ambar of Ahmadnagar
(c) Rana Pratap Singh of Mewar
(d) Chand Bibi of Ahmadnagar
From whom did Sivaji conquer Javli which made him the master of the
highlands of Maharashtra?
(a) Jhadav Rao
(b) Adil Shahi ruler
(c) Chanda Rao More
(d) Nizam Shahi ruler
What made Sivaji temporarily suspend hostile activities against the Adil
Shahis of Bijapur for a brief period of six years (1649–55)?
(a) Internal problems created by other Maratha chiefs
(b) His arrest and imprisonment by the Adil Shahi ruler
(c) His concentration on the rivalry against the Mughals
(d) Arrest and imprisonment of his father by the Adil Shahi ruler
How many times and when did Sivaji plunder Surat, the most important
commercial and trade centre of the Mughals?
(a) Only once—1664
(b) Twice-1664 and 1670
(c) Thrice—1660, 1664 and 1670
(d) Four times—1664, 1670, 1675 and 1680
With whom did Sivaji go for an alliance to conquer certain parts of the
Bijapuri Kamataka region?
(a) Qutub Shahis of Golconda