from the appropriate base line.
When and where was Sivaji born?
(a) 1607—Purandhar
(b) 1615—Poona
(c) 1622—Raigarh
(d) 1627—Sivner
In 1637 Sivaji inherited a jagir from his father for the maintenance of his
mother as well as himself. Which was the jagir?
(a) Kolhapur
(b) Torna
(c) Poona
(d) Javli
Who among the following was the religious guru of Sivaji?
(a) Tukaram
(b) Ramdas
(c) Eknatha
(d) Jnanadeva
Between 1645 and 1647, Sivaji conquered three forts from the Adil Shahi
ruler of Bijapur. Which of the following is not one of them?
(a) Raigarh
(b) Javli
(c) Torna
(d) Kondana
Who was Afzal Khan?
(a) Mughal governor of Deccan, deputed to put down Sivaji
(b) Nizam Shahi noble who patronised Sivaji against the Mughals
(c) Adil Shahi noble, deputed to punish Sivaji, but instead killed by the latter
(d) Qutub Shahi minister who made an alliance with Sivaji against Bijapur
With whom did Sivaji sign the treaty of Purandhar and when?
(a) 1645—Shaista Khan