(d) Salabat Jang
Dupleix’s major opponent on the English side who outwitted him was
(a) Warren Hastings
(b) Arthur Wellesley
(c) Eyre Coote
(d) Robert Clive
The cartaze system, by which Indian ships sailing to destinations not
reserved by an European power for its own trade had to buy passes if they
were to avoid seizure and confiscation of merchandise, was implemented in
the Indian Ocean by the
(a) Portuguese
(b) Dutch
(c) French
(d) English
During the Middle Ages the trade between Europe and Asia was monopolised
by the merchants of
(a) Spain and Portugal
(b) Persia and Arabia
(c) Genoa and Venice
(d) Armenia and Afghanistan
Name the English merchant who claimed to have attempted to obtain from
Akbar a farman for trade in Gujarat?
(a) Thomas Stephens
(b) Ralp Fitch
(c) John Mildenhall
(d) Sir Thomas Roe
Which one of the following commodities the Dutch purchased in India and
sold it in the East Indies in exchange for spices?
(a) Opium
(b) Indigo
(c) Saltpetre
(d) Cotton textiles
Who were the ‘Interlopers’?
(a) The dismissed employees of