Jafar, the Nawab of Bengal, entered into a
collapse in India.
Select the answers from the codes below:
(a) ii and iii
(b) ii only
(c) iii only
(d) iii and iv
When was the Dutch East India Company formed and invested with powers
to make wars, conclude treaties acquire territories, and the like.?
(a) 1600
(b) 1601
(c) 1602
(d) 1603
Which code gives the correct matching of the following lists?
      List I             List II
      (i) Francois       (A) One of the two Frenchmen who acquired the site of
      Caron              Pondicherry
      (ii) Maracara (B) Set up a French factory at Surat
      (iii) Lispinay (C) French admiral who lost San Thome to Dutch
      (iv) De la         (D) Set un a factory at Masulinatam
(a) i-D, ii-B, iii-C, iv-A
(b) i-B, ii-D, iii-A, iv-C
(c) i-C, ii-A, iii-B, iv-D
(d) i-A. ii-C. iii-D. iv-B
Which of the following statements about Pondicherry are true?
(i) The site for it was acquired from the Muslim governor of
(ii) Francois Martin was its governor between 1674–93 and again between
(iii) Under Martin it developed tremendously and became the headquarters of
the French in India.
(iv) It was captured by the Dutch in 1693, but was handed back to the French
in 1697.
Select the answer from the codes     below: