(d) Baz Bahadur
Who imposed the taxes like jaribana (surveyor’s fee), mahasilana (tax
collector’s fee) and insurance tax on the cultivators?
(a) Sher Shah
(b) Akbar
(c) Shah Jahan
(d) Aurangzeb
The land grants made to the scholarly men were known as
(a) inam
(b) waqf
(c) sayur ghal
(d) madad-i-maash
Villages with no zamindari rights were called
(a) raiyati
(b) milkiyat
(c) peshkashi
(d) bisvi
Peshkashi zamindars were
(a) territorial zamindars who did not render military service to the state.
(b) territorial zamindars who rendered military service to the state.
(c) primary zamindars who maintained law and order.
(d) intermediary zamindars who collected taxes for the state.
The only type of Jagir which could not be transferred was the
(a) khidmati jagir
(b) watan jagir
(c) milkiyat jagir
(d) tan jagir
Who was the Frenchman that visited India six times during the reigns of Shah
Jahan and Aurangzeb and wrote his accounts of India in his work ‘Six
(a) Tavernier
(b) Manucci
(c) Thevenot
(d) Bernier