Who was the first Englishman to visit Jahangir’s court?
(a) William Edwards
(b) George Barlow
(c) Thomas Roe
(d) Hawkins
What was the first English ship that came to India?
(a) May Flower
(b) Red Dragon
(c) Bengal
(d) Elizabeth
The Persian ruler who besieged Qandahar in Jahangir’s reign was
(a) Shah Muhammad
(b) Shah Abbas
(c) Shah Raza
(d) Shah Parwez
Which of the following branches of the army was wholly state paid?
(a) Infantry
(b) Cavalry
(c) Elephants
(d) Artillery
Who was the in-charge of a pargana?
(a) Amil
(b) Pattidar
(c) Shiqdar
(d) Qanungo
The range of mansabs as organised by Akbar varied between
(a) 10 to 5,000
(b) 10 to 7,000
(c) 10 to 10,000
(d) 100 to 5,000
Persons holding ranks from 500 to less than 2,500 were known as
(a) mansabdar
(b) amir
(c) amir-i-umada