following works?
(i) Safinat-ul-Auliya
(ii) Sakinat-ul Auliya
(iii) Hasanat-ul-Arifin
(iv) Majma-ul-Bahrain
Select the answer from the codes below:
(a) i and ii
(b) ii and iii
(c) i, ii and iii
(d) All of them
Which of the following statements about the revenue reforms of Sher Shah
Sur are true?
(i) Assessment of land revenue on the basis of measurement of land
(ii) Introduction of a new unit of measurement called lIahi gaz
(iii) Classification of land into three categories on the basis of their yield, i.e.
good, bad and middling.
(iv) Computation of the average produce of three kinds of land and fixing
1/3rd of it as the land revenue.
(v) Issue of title deeds to peasants and acquisition of acceptance deeds from
Choose the answer from the codes below:
(a) All of them
(b) i, ii, iii and iv
(c) i, iii, iv and v
(d) i, ii, iii and v
What were the various measures taken by Sher Shah to improve trade and
(i) Building several new roads and restoration of all old ones
(ii) Construction of rest houses along the roads for the convenience of the
travellers and traders
(iii) Issue of fine coins of gold, silver and copper of uniform standard
(iv) Collection of custom duties and tolls at several places all through the
(v) Making the local headmen and zamindars responsible for the loss of the
goods of merchants in transit