her own free will, persistently desired it?
(a) Akbar
(b) Babur
(c) Humayun
(d) Jahangir
Who among the following Englishmen was given the title of ‘Khan’ by
(a) Thomas Roe
(b) Ralph Fitch
(c) Hawkins
(d) Newbery
What was duaspa-sihaspa and who introduced it?
(a) A revenue system introduced by Akbar
(b) A decorative method introduced by Shah Jahan
(c) A special rank having higher sawar than zat introduced by Aurangzeb
(d) A subrank of sawar introduced by Jahangir.
Jagir of the Mughals is equal to which one of the Delhi Sultans?
(a) Khalisa
(b) Inam
(c) Waqf
(d) Iqta
Who among the following Mughal ministers was the paymaster-general as
(a) Diwan
(b) Mir Bakshi
(c) Khan-i-Saman
(d) Vakil
Who were the harkaras of the Mughal period?
(a) Enforcers of public morals
(b) News writers and reporters
(c) Secret letter writers and informers
(d) Spies and special couriers
How many Mughal provinces were there under Akbar and Aurangzeb