Pick out the ruler of Gujarat who was a con- temporary of Humayun and who
died in a scuffle with the Portuguese on board one of their ships?
(a) Baz Bahadur
(b) Muhammad Shah
(c) Bahadur Shah
(d) Hussain Shah
Hemu, the Hindu general who led the Afghan forces against the Mughals in
the second battle of Panipat, was the general of which of the following Sur
(a) Islam Shah
(b) Muhammad Adil Shah
(c) Sikandar Shah
(d) Sher Shah
Whose outrageous behaviour is said to be mainly responsible for the revolt of
Bairam Khan against Akbar?
(a) Man Singh
(b) Pir Muhammad
(c) Birbal
(d) Todar Mal
Pick out the first and the last territorial conquests of Akbar respectively from
among the following?
(a) Malwa and Asirgarh
(b) Gujarat and Baluchistan
(c) Malwa and Kashmir
(d) Garhkatanga and Kabul
Who among the following Rajputs were the first to voluntarily submit to
(a) Hadas
(b) Sisodias
(c) Rathors
(d) Kachchhawahas
Who among the following nobles of Akbar was killed by the Afghan rebels in
one of the Mughal campaigns to suppress them?
(a) Man Singh