Taj Mahal
1.    Landscape architecture under the Mughals as illustrated by the
   large ornamental gardens which the rulers laid out in various places is
   an important aspect of Mughal architecture. The idea was brought in
   from Persia.
2.   Babur commemorated his victory over Ibrahim Lodi in 1526 with a
   large garden called Kabul Bagh at Panipat. Most of the principal
   architectural projects of the Mughal rulers were surrounded by park-
   like enclosures.
3.    Spacious gardens, not associated with the monuments, were also
   created, especially the gardens of Kashmir, of which the Shalimar
   and Nishat Baghs are the most famous.
4.    In the plains of India, the Shalimar Bagh at Lahore was built by
   Shah Jahan in 1637. It is formed by means of a series of rectangular
   terraces arranged in descending levels to ensure a continuous flow of
   water throughout the entire     system. The aim of the design is to