What is the meaning of the Sufi concept known as tark-e-duniya?
(a) The enlightened world
(b) The tolerant world
(c) The renunciation of the world
(d) The unity of the Being
Which Sufi saint adopted yogic breathing exercises and was called sidh or
(a) Nizam-ud-din Auliya
(b) Farid
(c) Salim Chisti
(d) Muhammad Jilani
Who among the following foreign travellers visited the Vijayanagar empire
during the time of Achyuta Deva Raya?
(a) Fernao Nuniz
(b) Nicolo de Conti
(c) Domingo Paes
(d) Duarte Barbosa
Who was the author of Maduravijayam, which deals with Kampana’s
conquest of Madurai during the reign of Bukka I?
(a) Marappa
(b) Hannamma
(c) Gangadhara
(d) Gangadevi
What were varahas?
(a) Boars kept as pets by the Vijayanagar rulers.
(b) Elephant corps of the Vijayanagar armed forces.
(c) Lands granted to officials in lieu of salaries.
(d) Gold coins of the Vijayanagar rulers.
Which one of the following inscriptions gives us the genealogy of the five
Sangama brothers?
(a) Srirangam copper plate
(b) Bagapellsi copper plate
(c) Bitragunta grant
(d) Devulapalli copper plate