(a) Ala-ud-din Khalji and Hamir Deva
(b) Ala-ud-din Khalji and Kama Deva
(c) Firoz Shah and Harihara II
(d) Firoz Shah and Deva Raya I
The rulers of Vijayanagar had a carefully organised military department
called kandachara which was under the control of
(a) dandanayaka
(b) palegar
(c) mahanayakacharya
(d) nayaka
Which one of the following statements about the practice of becoming a sati
is not correct?
(a) The sati’s sacrifice was commemorated by erection of satikals.
(b) There was no compulsion and it was done voluntarily.
(c) It was very popular and widespread among higher classes.
(d) There were no social disabilities attached to lower class widows who did
not choose to become satis.
What is kuttagari?
(a) Grant of land to the Brahmins
(b) Lease system of cultivation
(c) Service tenures for military
(d) Revenue farming
What is asthavana?
(a) Land revenue department
(b) A type of rice
(c) One-third of the produce of land
(d) House tax
The term senabova or sanbhoga was an official designation under
Vijayanagar kingdom. It refers to the
(a) chief judicial officer of the mandalam.
(b) chief of the military staff.
(c) village accountant.
(d) head of the accounts department.
Which one of the following pairs     is not correct?