(b) Salim Chisti
(c) Shaikh Moin-ud-in Chisti
(d) Hamid-ud-din Nagauri
Who built a college at Bidar making it an important intellectual centre in the
(a) Muhammad Shah I
(b) Ahmad Shah Wali
(c) Ali Barid
(d) Mahmud Gawan
Who said ‘God is the breath of all breath.’?
(a) Nanak
(b) Kabir
(c) Mirabai
(d) Chaitanya
What is the most significant thing in Nanak’s life?
(a) His teachings are contained in the Adi Granth.
(b) He was a Sufi for some time and probably visited Mecca.
(c) At the last stage of life he joined his wife and children.
(d) A Muslim friend educated him and for some time Nanak was employed in
the Afghan administration.
Dohas were
(a) Religious teachings of Sufis.
(b) A group of merchants who sent large caravans.
(c) The Muslim devotees who emphasised the personal devotion of man to
God through love.
(d) Couplets which Kabir composed and by which he taught his followers.
Who was born at Kaladi (Malabar) in 783?
(a) Ramanuja
(b) Sankaracharya
(c) Madhavacharya
(d) Ramananda
To which religious sect did Ramananda belong?
(a) Saivism
(b) Vaishnavism