Dadu Dayal & Sant Raidas
Bhakti Movement
Chaitanya (1436–1533) Responsible for the popularity of Vaishnavism in
Bengal through his kirtans, he spread the message that ragamarga or the path
of spontaneous love was best for salvation. He believed in the bhedabheda,
i.e. dualistic non-dualism.
Surdas (1483–1563) Disciple of Vallabhacharya of south India, he
popularised the Krishna cult in UP by singing songs glorifying Krishna’s
childhood. He was the author of Sur Sagara, Sur Sarawali, etc.
Mirabai (1498–1569) Hailing from the Sisodia dynasty of Chittor, she was
a great devotee of Krishna and popularised his cult in Rajasthan through her
Sankaradeva (1463–1568) A contemporary of Chaitanya, he spread
Vaishnava bhakti in Assam.
Tulsidas (1532–1623) He was a worshipper of Rama and composed the
famous Ramcharitmanas in Hindi, expounding the various aspects of Hindu
Saiva Saints Krishnanda, Brahmanandagiri, Purnanda and Kavirajnana of
Bengal were some prominent Saiva saints.