fragment of a soldier’, having the marks of 80 wounds on his body from
  sword or lance and being crippled in one leg, one eye and arm, Rana
  Sangram had remarkable military ability. He was generally successful in
  his wars against Mahmud Khalji II of Malwa and Muzaffar Shah II of
  Gujarat. He was also engaged in hostilities with Ibrahim Lodhi of Delhi
  and scored creditable victories. The ascendancy of Mewar was established
  over several other Rajput principalities and its boundaries were extended
  in different directions. Babur himself places Sangram, in his memoirs,
  next Only to the Vijayanagar king among the Hindu rulers of India. But
  Sangram’s attempt to defeat Babur resulted in a disastrous defeat in the
  battle of Khanwa (1527). While Babur refrained from conquering Mewar
  for various reasons, Akbar could not succeed in annexing it completely.
  Mewar ultimately recognised Mughal suzerainty only in the time of
  Jahangir (1615).
The Rathors of Marwar, according to some, were the descendants of the
Gahadvalas of Kanauj, while others trace their origin to the Rashtrakutas of
the Deccan. Rathada Siha, a person of obscure antecedents, established
himself in the area around Pali in the middle of the 13th century and ruled till
1273. But his successors found a new centre at Kher and fought against their
neighbours, particularly the Muslim Sultans and the Bhattis of Jaisalmer. But
the proper history of Marwar begins from the time of Chunda (1384–1423),
who established his power at Mandor. He, however, lost his life in a fight
against the coalition of the Muslims of Nagaur and the Bhattis. Chunda’s
successor was his grandson, the famous Jodha (1438–89), who built the fort
of Jodhpur, founded a town there and made it his capital. He fought against
Mewar as an ally of the Sultan of Gujarat. But the greatest (iller of Marwar
was undoubtedly Maldeva or Maldeo (1532–62), under whom the power of
the Rathors reached its height. He came into conflict with Sher Shah, who
was obliged to make peace with the Rathor ruler.
Other Rajput States
The state of Amber, known