III, Bhanudeva III, Narasimha IV, and Bhanudeva IV respectively.
Narasimha II successfully repelled the Turkish invaders from Bengal.
Bhanudeva II also succeeded in repelling the invasion of Orissa by Ulugh
Khan (son of Ghiyas-ud-din Tughluq). The reign of Bhanudeva III (1352–
1378) witnessed the invasion of Orissa first by Ilyas Shah of Bengal and then
by Firoz Shah Tughluq. Firoz’s invasion of Jajnagar (the name by which
Orissa was known to the Muslims) in 1360 was marked by the desecration of
the Jagannatha temple. During the reign of Bhanudeva IV (1414–35), the last
of the Eastern Ganga rulers, Orissa was invaded by the Sultan Hushang Shah
of Malwa, Anapota Reddy of Kondaveedu and Deva Raya II of Vijayanagar.
Suryavamsi Gajapatis
Kapilendra (1435–67), a minister under one of the last Eastern Ganga rulers,
founded the Suryavamsi dynasty which ruled Orissa for more than a century.
He recovered for Orissa the power and prestige which it had lost under the
later Eastern Gangas by fighting successfully against the Sultans of Bengal,
the Bahmani Sultans and Vijayanagar rulers. He extended his political sway
from the Ganga to the Kaveri. The reign of next ruler, Purushottam (1467–
97), was marked by initials failures, for he lost the Andhra coast to the
Bahmani Sultan and Udayagiri to the Vijayanagar ruler. But he was
successful in maintaining his hold over the territory extending from the
Ganges on the north to the Pennar river in the south.
    Prataparudra (1497–1540) was the last powerful Hindu ruler of Orissa.
But he suffered defeats at the hands of Ala-ud-din Hussain of Bengal and
Krishna Deva Raya of Vijayanagar. The former advanced as far as Puri and
desecrated the temple there. The latter assumed the title of ‘Gajapati Saptanga
Harana’ (appropriator of Gajapati ‘s seven elephants of royalty), taking the
territory south of the Krishna and Gajapati’s daughter. The Golconda Sultan
also invaded and occupied Kondapalli. Prataparudra’s name is, however
remembered in the religious history of eastern India because of his intimate
connection with Chaitanya and his devotion to Vaishnavism.
Other Dynasties
The Gajapatis were supplanted      by the Bhois (1542–59), whose founder,