the naih sultan of the Delhi sultanate, served
  Amir-i-jumla: Head of the finance department.
  Wazir ashraf: Foreign affairs and royal court.
  Wazir: Deputy head of the finance department.
  Peshwa: Attached to the vakil.
  Sadr-i-jahan: Head of the judicial, ecclesiastical and charities department.
  Katwal: Head of the police department.
       Division of the kingdom into provinces, called tarafs headed by tarafdars
                          BIJAPUR’S GOL GUMBAZ
    It is the mausoleum of Mohammed Adil Shah.
    It is one of the largest single chambers ever built.
    Externally, the building is a great cube with a turret or tower attached to
    each angle, with a large hemispherical dome covering the whole.
    The effect of the building is derived from the fine proportions between its
    various elements, especially between the cubical part below and the
    domed part above.
    Subsidiary elements include the wide cornice supported by closely spaced
    brackets. Above this is an arcade of small arches, their formality broken
    by their skillful spacing. Above this is are the massive merlons with finials
    which break the skyline well.
    Above the merlons are the foliations around the base of the dome
    concealing the junction between the dome and the cube below.
    The wall surface of the cube has three arches sunken into them, the central
    one paneled out to bring it to the size of a normal doorway.
    The width of each of the sides is equal to the height which is a little above
    200 inches. The exterior diameter of the dome is 144 inches.
    The interior of the structure is a single large hall, one of the largest ever
    built, measuring 135 inches across, 178 inches high and the gallery where
    the dome stands is 110 inches from the pavement.
10. The main architectural features of the hall are the tall pointed arches which
    support the dome above.
11. The arches have their bases within the sides of the square plan while their
    planes of surface are at an angle,    the intersection above forming an eight-