(1565 AD) led to a massive destruction of its physical fabric.
                              Virupaksha temple
The Vijayanagar rulers were also great patrons of literature. Under their
patronage, several religious as well as secular books were composed in
different languages such as Sanskrit, Telugu, Kannada and Tamil. The peak
of literary development was reached during the reign of Krishna Raya, who is
rightly called ‘Andhra Bhoja’.
Economic Conditions
The Vijayanagar empire was one of the richest state then known to the world.
Several foreign travellers, who visited the empire during the 15th and 16th
centuries, have left glowing accounts of its splendour and wealth.
It was in a flourishing condition. It was the policy of its rulers to encourage
agriculture in the different parts of the empire and to increase agricultural
production by a wise irrigation policy. Nuniz, the Portuguese traveller, speaks