differences that had arisen between Bijapur
on to Gulbarga, defeated Amir Barid, the minister of Sultan Mahmud and
took hold of the city. From there he marched on Bidar, captured it after a
short siege, released Mahmud and assumed the title of
‘Yavanarajyasthapanacharya’ (Establisher of the Yavana or Muslim
Friendship with Portuguese The Portuguese governor, Albuquerque, sent
an agent to offer aid to Krishna Deva in his fight against the Bahmanis in
return for Vijayanagar support against the Zamorin of Calicut. He also
promised to supply Arab and Persian horses only to Vijayanagar and not to
send any to Bijapur. But Krishna did not immediately accept the offer. The
second Portuguese ambassador to Krishna Deva renewed the Portuguese
governor’s request to erect a fort at Bhatkal and succeeded in his mission.
This was after Albuquerque had attacked and captured Goa in 1510.
Suppression of Internal Revolt The war against the rebel chieftain of
Ummattur, Ganga Raya, began with an attack on Penugonda, which had
passed in to the hands of the rebel. The capture of this strong fortress was
followed by attacks on Ummattur and Sivasamudram (the headquarters of
Ganga Raya). In the process, Ganga Raya was killed and the conquered
territory became a new province with Srirangapatnam as capital.
Orissa Campaign The Gajapati ruler of Orissa, Prataparudra, had been in
occupation of the coastal districts in the east from the day of Saluva
Narasimha. In a series of successful battles, in some of which the king
himself participated, Krishna Deva defeated the forces of the Orissa ruler,
and conquered the whole of Telangana. He then turned his attention to north-
coastal Andhra where Rajamahendravaram was one of the first cities to be
taken. A few feeble attempts were made to stop its progress, but the
Vijayanagar army continued its triumphant march, devastating the territory of
the Gajapatis all along the road up to Potnur-Simhadri. Krishna Deva set up a
pillar of victory there and returned to his capital. His victorious army
marched further in to Kalinga until its capital Cuttack was reached.
Prataparudra sued for peace and offered the hand of his daughter. Krishna
Deva was magnanimous and returned all the territory north of the Krishna.
Second Invasion of Bijapuri Kingdom Meanwhile Ismail Adil Shah
recaptured Raichur and this was     the reason for the second conflict between