the throne. But the real power, during the reign of all of them lay in the hands
of Rama Raja, who was a son-in-law of Krishna Deva Raya. Rama Raja was
able to playoff various Muslim power against one another. He entered into a
commercial treaty with the Portuguese where by the supply of horses to the
Bijapur ruler was stopped. In a series of wars he completely defeated the
Bijapur ruler. He then allied himself with the Bijapur ruler to inflict
humiliating defeats on Golconda and Ahmadnagar. However, his enemies
(except Berar) ultimately combined to inflict a crushing defeat on
Vijayanagar at Bannihatti, near Talikota, in 1565. This battle is also known as
the Battle of Raksasa Tangadi. Rama Raja was imprisoned and immediately
executed. This battle is generally considered to mark the end of the great age
of Vijayanagar. Although the kingdom lingered on for almost one hundred
years under the Aravidu dynasty, its territories shrank steadily and the Raya
no longer counted in the political affairs of south India.
Krishna Deva Raya’s Achievements
His Immediate Problems The rebel chieftain of Ummattur started
contesting the Raya’s lordship of the Mysore region. The Gajapatis of Orissa
were in occupation of the north-eastern districts. Though the Bahmani
kingdom had virtually split up into separate states, Muslim pressure from the
north, especially from Bijapur, continued unabated. Moreover, there was the
growing power of the Portuguese to contend with, a power which was rapidly
establishing control over the sea routes and the maritime trade of the west
Repulsion of Bahmani Forces Krishna Deva Raya’s first task was to
repulse the Bahmani forces which invaded his territory on their annual raid
into the Raya kingdom. But they soon discovered that they were no longer
free to plunder and ravage. The Muslim armies were decisively defeated in
the battle of Diwani. Krishna Deva pursued the retreating armies, particularly
those of Yusuf Adil Shah, who turned around to oppose him near Kovilkonda
and lost his life in the battle that followed.
First Invasion of Bijapuri Kingdom After this preliminary success
Krishna Deva Raya invaded the Raichur doab and took the Raichur fort.
Finding his opportunity in the