to maintain his position in the face of the
Renewal of Conflict Under the Deva Rayas The reign of Deva Raya I
began with a renewed fight for the Tungabhadra doab. He was defeated by
the Rahmani ruler, Firoz Shall, and had to pay a huge indemnity. He also
agreed to marry his daughter to the Sultan. However, this marriage could not
by itself bring about peace. The question of the Krishna-Godavari delta led to
a renewed conflict between Vijayanagar, the Bahmani kingdom and Orissa.
Following a confusion in the Reddy kingdom, Deva Raya entered into an
alliance with Warangal for partitioning the Reddy kingdom between
themselves. Warangal’s defection from the side of the Bahmani kingdom
changed the balance of power in the Deccan. Deva Raya was able to inflict a
shattering defeat on Firoz Shah and annexed the entire territory up to the
mouth of the Krishna.
     Deva Raya II was the greatest ruler of the Sangama dynasty. In order to
strengthen his army, he inducted more Muslims in his army, and asked all his
Hindu soldiers and officers to learn the art of archery from them. With his
new army, he crossed the Tungabhadra river and tried to recover Mudkal,
Bankpur, etc., which were to the south of the Krishna river and had been lost
to the Bahmani Sultans earlier. Three hard battles were fought, but in the end
the two sides had to agree to the existing frontiers.
Decline Under Later Sangamas and Saluvas
There was confusion in the Vijayanagar empire after the death of Deva Raya
II. There were a series of civil wars among the various contenders to the
throne. Many feudatories assumed independence in the process. The rulers
were sunk in pleasure and neglected the affairs of the state. After some time,
the throne was usurped by the king’s minister, Saluva Narasimha. Thus the
Sangama dynasty came to an end and the Saluva dynasty was established.
Saluva Narasimha restored internal law and order in the empire.
Its Revival Under Tuluva Krishna Deva Raya The Saluva dynasty also
soon came to an end, and a new dynasty called the Tuluva dynasty was
founded by Vira Narasimha. He was in turn succeeded by his half-brother,
Krishna Deva Raya (1509–29) who is considered as the greatest of all the
Vijayanagar rulers for his military as well as other achievements.
                                 Dynasty Krishna Deva Raya’s death was
Final Decline and Aravidu