(d) The tax paid by Muslims
Which one of the following was the main reason for the fall of Raziya?
(a) The determined ambition of the Turkish military aristocracy to keep the
ruler of Delhi a tool in their hands and to retain the monopoly of power for
(b) The undue preference given to Jamal-uddin Yaqut, an Abyssinian slave
by her.
(c) Raziya seems to have given offence to the orthodox Muslim opinion by
casting of her female attire and by appearing in the open.
(d) A woman ruling a state was not in consonance with the spirit of Muslim
Which fort was described by Amir Khusrau as ‘the paradise of the Hindus ...
higher than the seventh heaven.’?
(a) Ranthambhor
(b) Chittor
(c) Kalinjar
(d) Gwalior
Which of the following statements is not correct about Balban?
(a) Under Balban the Delhi court acquired celebrity for its great
magnificence, and it gave shelter to many exiled nobles from Central Asia.
(b) Balban considered the sovereign to be the representative of god on earth.
(c) He launched many aggressive conquests and expanded the limits of his
(d) He had a strong sense of justice, which he administered without any
Which of the following were considered by Alaud-din Khalji as causes which
engender evil and strife and bring forth pride and disloyalty?
(i) Disregard of the affairs of the state by the Sultan
(ii) The use of wine
(iii) The intrigues of women
(iv) Intimacy and alliances among the nobles
(v) Abundance of money
Choose the answer from the codes given below:
(a) i, ii, iii and iv