(d) i-D, ii-E, iii-B, iv-A, v-C
Match List I with List II and choose the answer from the codes given below
the lists:
         List I         List II
      (i) Iqta       (A) Crown lands whose revenues were meant for the
                     maintenance of the Sultan and his household
      (ii)Khalisa (B) Land assigned to religious persons or institutions
      (iii) Inam     (C)Land whose revenues were assigned to an official in lieu
                     of his salary
      (iv)           (d) Land assigned to an artist
      (v) Dar-ul- (E) Land of infidels
(a) i-C, ii-A, iii-D, iv-B, v-E
(b) i-C, ii-A, iii-B, iv-E, v-D
(c) i-A, ii-C, iii-B, iv-D, v-E
(d) i-D, ii-B, iii-A, iv-E, v-C
Match the following:
         List I                 List II
      (i) Barbak             (A) In-charge of the royal household
      (ii) Amir-i-Hajeb (B) In-charge of the royal court
      (iii) Sar-i-Jandar (C) In-charge of scru-tiny of visitors to the court
      (iv) Vakti-i-Dar       (D) In-charge of the security of the Sultan
      (v) Amir-i-Majlis (E) In-charge of royal feasts and celebrations
(a) i-D, ii-B, iii-C, iv-E, v-A
(b) i-B, ii-E, iii-D, iv-A, v-C
(c) i-B, ii-C, iii-D, iv-A, v-E
(d) i-A, ii-C. iii-D, iv-B, v-E
Match the following:
         List I                               List II
      (i) Nayim                            Provincial governor