(a) Malik Kafur
(b) Khusrau Khan
(c) Imad-ud-din Rayhan
(d) Qubacha
Balahars in the village were
(a) landlords
(b) headmen
(c) menials
(d) accountants
What were Rajab-wah and Ulugh Khani during Firoz Tughluq’s reign?
(a) Rest houses
(b) Fruit gardens
(c) Intelligence services
(d) Canals that were cut by the Sultan from Yamuna
What was araghatta?
(a) A machine to break forts
(b) An irrigation canal
(c) A device to lift water
(d) A type of cloth
What was not true about medieval Indian period?
(a) The people knew breeding of mulberry silk worms.
(b) They grew grapes and other fruits.
(c) They knew grafting of plants.
(d) Mango was the most highly prized fruit.
Charai was a tax on
(a) Hindus
(b) houses
(c) milch cattle
(d) craftsmen
Who among the following medieval historians commented that death
liberated Muhammad Tughluq from his people and freed them from him?
(a) Badauni
(b) Barani
(c) Isami