caliphs’. Which one of the following was not
(b) Umar
(c) Muawiya
(d) Usman
‘Raziya was endowed with all qualities befitting a king, but she was not born
of the right sex...’ Who was the author of these lines?
(a) Al-Beruni
(b) Amir Khusrau
(c) Ibn Battutah
(d) Minhaj Siraj
With which dynasty did Indian Muslims start entering into positions of
(a) Tughluqs
(b) Ilbaris
(c) Khaljis
(d) Sayyids
Which Sultan received a robe of honour from the caliph?
(a) Iltutmish
(b) Qutub-ud-din Aibak
(c) Balban
(d) Ala-ud-din Khalji
Which tax was not permitted by the shariat?
(a) Agriculture tax
(b) Tax on non-Muslims
(c) Commercial tax
(d) Marriage tax
Which was not true about jizya?
(a) It was a tax on non-Muslims.
(b) Brahmins were generally exempted from it.
(c) The first ruler to collect it in India was Firoz Tughluq.
(d) It never yielded any substantial revenue.
The iqtadars during the period of the Delhi sultanate were also known as
(a) maliks
(b) muqtis
(c) mamlatdars