Kutub Minar, Mahrauli, Delhi
Khaljis Ala-ud-din built his capital at Siri, a few kilometres away from the
site around the Qutub, but hardly anything of this city survives now. Ala-ud-
din planned a tower twice the height of the Qutub, but did not live to
complete it. But he added an entrance door to the Qutub, called the Alai
Darwaza. It has arches of very pleasing proportions. It also contains a dome
which, for the first time, was built on correct scientific lines.
Tughluqs Ghiyas-ud-din and Muhammad Tughluq built the huge palace-
cum-fortress complex called Tughluqabad. By blocking the passage of the
Yamuna a huge artificial lake was created around it. The tomb of Ghiyas-ud-
din, built by Muhammad Tughluq, marks a new trend in architecture. To have
a good skyline, the building was put up on a high platform. Firoz Shah
Tughluq built the famous Hauz Khas (a pleasure resort) and the Kotla (fort)
at Delhi.