(d) Murugan
Who planted in Yadgir a pillar of victory with the tiger emblem on it in
commemoration of his victory over the Kalyani Chalukyas?
(a) Rajaraja I
(b) Rajendra I
(c) Rajadhiraja
(d) Virarajendra
Who was the later Chalukya king who drowned himself in the Tungabhadra
river at Kuruvatti in 1068 performing paramayoga?
(a) Somesvara I
(b) Satyasraya
(c) Vikramaditya V
(d) Jayasimha II
Who informs us that the soldiers acting as body-guards burnt themselves in
the funeral pyre of the monarch when he died?
(a) Nicolo de Conti
(b) Marco Polo
(c) Al-Beruni
(d) Hiuen Tsang
Which of the following statements about the Chola temples are correct?
(i) The main feature of the Chola temples was the building of a storey upon a
storey above the chief deity room.
(ii) The number of storeys varied from five to seven and they had a typical
style which was known as the vimana.
(iii) The temples generally enjoyed revenue free grants of lands for their
expenses and also received grants and rich donations from the wealthy
(iv) The temple became a miniature palace with living rooms for priests and
many others.
(v) Some temples entered business, lent money and took part in business
Choose the answer from the codes given below:
(a) i, ii and iii
(b) i, ii, iii and iv